Case Study Jacob College

This school currently manages NCCD with spreadsheets. Upgrading to JUNIPA was seen as cost-prohibitive.

Educational setting

Independant school

Student makeup

400 total, 200 adjusted for within NCCD

Year levels


Jacob College has a student population of 400, they currently adjust for 200 of those students however they believe they should be adjusting for closer to 300. Jacob College received $5.9M NCCD Funding in the last reporting year.

Current approach

Jacob College uses a manual method of collecting the required NCCD adjustment data, taking staff many hours in the process:

  1. Welfare staff have created spreadsheets on the internal share drive:

    Teachers access the shared files periodically and add update the adjustments for each student
    Some teachers do this daily, but most attempt updates at the end of the week

  2. Welfare staff often have to chase teachers to update and complete data
  3. Welfare staff collect documentary evidence from emails and scanned documents
  4. Welfare staff collate this information into printed folders for reporting periods
  5. Welfare staff prepare folders of printed information for reporting/auditing

The hidden cost of using spreadsheets

Staff type Task Weekly hours Weekly FTE equivalent
Welfare staff Spreadsheet creation and maintenance 7.5 18.8%
Welfare staff Spreadsheet monitoring, chasing data 3.75 9.4%
Teaching staff Finding latest and accessing shared spreadsheet 7.5 18.8%
Teaching staff Entering data into shared spreadsheet 6.25 15.6%
Welfare staff Collating information in virtual file system 6.25 15.6%
Welfare support staff Printing and filing 3.75 9.4%
Welfare support staff Reporting/Auditing 200 12.5%

New approach

A total of 1 full time equivalent (FTE) staffing costs per year were being lost on manual processes and tasks. Jacob College was using qualified staff as a brute force way of ensuring NCCD compliance. As more and more requirements were introduced for compliance, it was obvious that this approach was unsustainable.

JUNIPA does the heavy lifting, and is priced less than than a teacher's aide. JUNIPA frees up qualified staff to do what they're trained for and have a passion for - teaching students.

The decision to implement JUNIPA made the school confident in providing evidence for the 200 students, and provided funding to support additional welfare staff. Staff that were spending less time documenting, and more time providing individualised care for students.

"By increasing the adjusted student reporting by only 50 students, Jacob College can receive an increase in NCCD funding of over a million dollars."

Progressing to reflection

Two Teachers were undertaking a Behaviour support plan meeting, when another teacher was making adjustments at the same time.

These adjustments started a new conversations that wouldn't have happened otherwise. This is not something that occurs with spreadsheets filed away.

Adjustment narrative

Jacob College school is a fictional school with situational elements derived from real schools. We present this as a case study of what many schools in your position are dealing with.

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