JUNIPA is an NCCD management tool built in the cloud - designed for schools who need transparency, flexibility and audit-control.

We have tried to hit the right balance of needs to be used across public and independent, and international schools.

Every week we test and improve upon JUNIPA. Experience with technology means nothing if we don't test and continue to build JUNIPA into the best tool for NCCD management.

How is JUNIPA different?

The first question most schools may have is, how is JUNIPA different from everything else out there?

  • JUNIPA was built around the NCCD program
  • JUNIPA was built around the capabilities of your smartphone and tablet
  • JUNIPA is not a complete School Management System - but it does integrate well with your School Management System
  • JUNIPA is cloud-based and available anywhere you have connectivity

How JUNIPA interacts with your school