The Student Journal is a live record of all adjustments and NCCD information of a student.

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Student journal

Anatomy of the student journal page

Quick add button:

Quickly add adjustment evidence, case notes, or log a significant event

Student Journal Quick Add button

Student summary:

A summary of student name, date of birth, student number and NCCD adjustment information.

Student Journal student summary

The information visible in this area is:

  • Student details
    Student name, Date of Birth and Student Number (if applicable):

  • Adjustment details
    Possible values are: QDTP, Supplementary, Substantial and Extensive game.

  • Primary need
    Possible values are: Physical, Cognitive, Sensory and Social / Emotional in line with the NCCD categories:
  • Imputed or Diagnosed
    Possible values are as follows as defined in Section 4 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA):

    A user with the appropriate permissions can set these values from the Enrolments screen.

Evidence summary:

A summary of NCCD evidence

Student Journal evidence summary


An "at a glance" view of all case notes, adjustment evidence and significant event for a student. Selecting Hour, Day, Week or Month will change view respectively.

Student Journal evidence narrative

Last 7 days:

A 7 day view of all case notes, adjustment evidence and events recorded against a student. Selecting a day (touch or click) allows you to add evidence for that specific day.

Student Journal Last 7 days

Activity log:

A historical look at all activity recorded against a student. The activity log records adjustment evidence, but also case notes, significant events as well as any changes to the student profile. Selecting more will display a further 20 records.

Student Journal Last 7 days