Many schools provide adjustment evidence using the wording as specified by the NCCD program. JUNIPA also allows school to use their own wording when providing adjustments, as the NCCD language may not be appropriate as staff are providing adjustments on-the-fly.

If a school uses their own NCCD adjustment evidence wording, each evidence group and item will be linked to an NCCD approved category. This ensures that, although school staff are seeing different wording, all adjustment evidence gathered is correctly linked to NCCD documentation.

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How to set a custom NCCD evidence categories

The following instructions are only available to someone with a Administration privileges.

How to set a custom NCCD evidence categories

Steps taken

  1. Navigate to Evidence Setup
  2. Select Add Evidence Group
  3. Provide an evidence group name
  4. Provide an evidence item name
  5. Link the new evidence item to an NCCD documented evidence type
  6. Select Save

This new evidence type will now be available for any student requiring adjustments.